January 17, 2007

Running with scissors!

Before I went out to do morning chores, I grabbed scissors. I planned on cutting some dags and over-grown polls (that's snipping off big tangled gobs of dung-covered wool and trimming the overgrown wool out of eyes). I visited the older ewe pen first and fed them. They were especially hungry and were too busy chewing to care what I was up to. I trimmed dags on a yearling ewe "Genevieve" who has a full length tail. "Miss Bridey" also offered no resistance.
So far so good! Now off to do some polls. A few of the "wool blind" ewes saw me (how could they!) and must have said "Help! She's got scissors!" And off they ran. No matter how many times they calmed down, as soon as I would try to approach them, they'd be running. Oh well - I guess I'll have to round them up and do the haircuts in the barn!

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