February 18, 2007

A Real Old Fashioned Winter

We have had so much snow since the beginning of December. Here is a photo of my husband, Mr. B on the morning the outer storm door was blocked by a snow bank! This particular snowbank recedes from time to time, but as soon as there is drifting snow it is back again as deep as ever.
The snow in the sheep pens is deep and the sheep perhaps feel they're getting taller as the fences are get shorter. A very sassy lamb, "Sweetheart" has begun to jump over the fence, looking for her own food.
We are fortunate though. All the snow will mean lots of water in the river and dug outs in the spring. And with all the talk about global warming, we need all the moisture we can get, so we won't turn into a desert (we are in a semi-arrid zone at the present).The very cold weeks of weather have also been balanced with some mild chinooks that blow in from the Rocky Mountains. Along with breaks of mild weather we have had lots of sunshine that makes the winter more bearable.
January has been a month to clear out the wool shed and make room for the 2007 shearing. Most of the 2006 sheared wool is now sold. It has also been a good season to do lots of knitting. Here are a couple of the projects that were done in January:

"Fuzzy feet" felted slipper socks - Pattern by Theresa Vinson Stenersen in the winter 2002 issue of www.knitty.com
"Mr. Ingleby's" socks - Sally Melville's pattern from Book2: The Purl Stitch.
Yarn from both projects is from our flock of corriedale x (mill processed- 3 ply worsted weight), grape koolaid spot dyeing on slippers.

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