February 1, 2007

When it's 20 below!

Even the wooly sheep have been staying in the shed at night. The younger ones seem braver and still like to run and play in the freezing temp. For me, the main thing when it's that cold is to stay inside. It's been an opportunity to finish some projects and start new ones.

Finished: This small rug hooking was begun in 2003 and has been patiently waiting and gathering dust since then. It is a rug hooking done in the primitive style (hand cut wool remnants from old wool skirts and pants with an outline and fill technique). The design is my own, and again as a primitive, there is very little attempt to achieve a realistic image. I haven't bound the edges yet. Not sure if it is going to be a cushion cover or a large handbag.

Started: A pair of socks with a cool pattern in the heel. The yarn of course, is some of the newly spun yarn from my wool (which we just recently picked up from the wool mill). It is lovely and soft, so I've doubled it up with an earlier batch of yarn that was spun to sock weight (also at the mill).

Started: Hand painted rovings have been pre-drafted and are ready to be spun into singles for some felted mitts. More info to follow, once I start spinning.

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Yarn Devil said...

Can't Wait to see the sockies! Keep warm!