March 24, 2007

Photos of the hard working shearing crew...

The film from my old camera finally got developed. Here is the shearing crew. Top: The boys did herding from one area to the other, grandson K and nephew M. Next: On the broom, cleaning the shearing floor, my daughter A. The head shearer can be seen to her left in the middle of yet another of the 28 ewes and rams that got sheared. Next: Cousin Len and Mr. B. were gate keepers on the shute. Bottom: Brother H. and his son M. got the sheep from the gathering area, and into the shute. I am somewhere gathering huge armfuls of the sheared fleeces to sort and store. Thank you to everyone for all your help. The shearing wouldn't have happen if not for all your hard work. It was a fun evening!

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Charlene said...

Laurel told me about your blog Val and it's been wonderful reading for me. I'm in awe of all that you are doing in your life now! It's even inspired me to get my mother-in-laws old spinning wheel....although I'm a total newcomer to the world of spinning....but will try to learn....somehow :-)
Looking forward to your next entry.
Cousin Charlene
p.s. Last time I saw Heath I think he was about 10 years old!