March 25, 2007

Knitting projects finished in January and February

RED SCARF - (top photo) Pattern: “Argosy” This pattern was something new for me, but didn't take long to get the hang of it. It was more challenging and interesting than most scarves. I would do it with a lighter weight yarn next time. Wool: My own from ewe M’Darlin’ dyed antique red. Mill spun 3 ply.

SHAWL - Pattern: “Tricia’s Shawl” with optional lace edging from Sally Melvilles book “Book2: The Purl Stitch”. This was easy and fun to knit. ( Second photo: My daughter K models the shawl. Third photo: a close up of the lace edging). I hurried to get the triangle finished so I could do the lace edging. It was the first edging I have knit-my goal is to try a new technique often to enlarge my knitting skills. (other option for finishing is a fringe). Wool: My own from ewe M’Darlin’ and "Big Red" in natural, mill-spun 3 ply.

MITTENS - Several mitts (some in photo but some I never took photos).
Wool: My own from ewe M’Darlin’/"Big Red". Handpainted "Buckskin & Blue", "Citrus" in orange and lime, "Antique red" with natural black. Mill spun 3 ply.

Projects started in March 2007

- Traditional Fan and Feather design knitted from end to end (rather than side to side). No photo yet.
Wool: My wool from Pat & 99 in natural (I might dye this when it is finished). Mill spun, 3 ply.


Yarn Devil said...

Lou! I love your shawl .. . beautiful what the edging does for it! I like that much better than fringe!! Was it challenging? or not soo bad once you got the pattern down? Beautiful scarf too!! and the mittens are very fun!!

Maud said...

You have been productive! I like the red scarf a lot, it's an interesting design.

Sandra said...

Beautiful shawl! The edging really adds to the beauty and expanse.

BTW, what's Knit Some Shade?

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