May 17, 2007

Spring is full of new arrivals!

Finally, photos have got developed. Here are some of new spring '07 arrivals to NewLand Ranch.
Grandson Cody visited at Easter and was delighted to find Blackies kittens in the porch closet!

Mr. B, helps a new calf to get some colostrum, that important first drink. Usually cows and calves have no problems with this, but from time to time, there will be a calf who needs help. This calf is one of about 60 born this spring.
New additions to the poultry yard - a pair of Rouen ducks and some Indian Runner ducks(they are the tall thin, upright walking ducks). They are in the rooster pen until we can get a preditor fence built around the duck pond for them ( foxes and coyotes would love to drop in for lunch)!

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