May 31, 2007

It's Quadruplets!

Life with sheep is busy when one of them has quadruplets. This is "Brownwyns" second year as a mother. Her little ones were born three days ago. They are in order of birth - George 10 lbs. ram, Denny 10.5 lbs. ram, Issie 9 lbs. ewe, and little Meredith 7.5 lbs. ewe.
Their mother has been excellent with them and she hasn't minded being confined to the barn. I think she has rather enjoyed the extra fine alfalfa, oats and water that appears whenever she looks into the buckets. She has also been very accepting of me giving the little ewes supplemental bottles. Although she would do alright for a while feeding all four, it would be more and more difficult to keep up with them as they grow. At first I just bottle fed Meredith to get some weight on her. Then I began feeding Issie as well.
Of course there continue to be a few lambs born about every other day. They are all sweet and perhaps I will get some close up photos up on the blog later.
Photos - Top: Last day in the barn. Meredith is behind, the one with a black marking like a little saddle on her back Middle: checking out the weather, and making a game plan. Bottom: Out into the big world for four little babes.

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