May 23, 2007


Life is hectic in the merry month of May, but I've managed to steal away some time for spinning.
Here are photos of a yarn exchange that I participated in. It was a spring garden theme with a photo contest. The lilacs have been blooming gorgeously so I just had to get them into one of the pictures. The photos show the skein of yarn that I spun from roving. First brilliant green & red violet were painted on, then the whole works put in a kettle of blue dye. After pre-drafting and spinning singles, I made it into two ply, approx. 14-16 wpi (wraps per inch). The skein was sent to a woman in Michigan.

A photo of my "Traveller" model Ashford spinning wheel. The
spool of green singles was spun by K. during christmas break. He took to spinning like a duck to water. I hope he gets a chance to do some more this summer!
Below are photos of my oldest grandson K. He is modelling his felted "Fuzzy Feet" (a pattern). He dyed the wool with Koolaid during Christmas holidays and I had them ready for his next visit.

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Misty said...

Hi I am the Lady in michigan your handspun came too I am totally in love with it its the best handspun I ever gotten from a exchange I totally love the colors and would love to have you email again I am sorry I never got back but my junk mail filter deleted your email before I could email you back some time it to fast.
I loved your gifts and the green gloves are to much LOL shirk gloves thank you so much . My email is .its funny but I love romney and corrie wool and have a lot of it in my own herd ~ again thank you so much for such beautiful handspun Misty Desired Haven farm Michigan