June 15, 2007

June is gardening, lambs and other farm babies

Above photo- A cat's eye view of the Catmint (Nepeta) near the doorway. It blooms all spring, summer and fall.

The lambs are all growing quickly. In this photo, starting in forground and going backward are: Issie, Meredith, Pixie Girl (not a quad, but one of the Pixie Twins), George and mom Brownwyn, laying down. One of the ram quads is missing from photo, probably off with other lambs playing "King of the Hill".

Little "Bronze" turkeys are a few days old in these photos. "Bronze" are a heritage breed, which was sent by post from another province (one day mail service). Chicks will arrive in July.

The ducklings hatched in the incubator have moved to the outdoor portable pen. Even at a few days old, they could search down and eat bugs that were in the grass. There is always an audience of cats and kittens watching and walking around the pen, trying to figure out how toget inside.


Leslie Shelor said...

Looks like things are busy, and fun, down on the farm!

Aimee said...

Mom,the new turkeys are very sweet!And the lambs are really growing fast!I really like all the new pics!