June 18, 2007

A Spinning and Knitting Project

Here is my ten year old nephew M.with 6 oz. of wool rovings that have been tied in several places to keep them organized while being processed.

He puts it into a warm water bath (with a touch of jet dry) for about 30 minutes, making sure it is completely emersed. This will prepare it for accepting dye.

After it is taken out of the water, he spins it with a salad spinner. The centrafugul force removes most of the water.

Colors are selected and mixed with hot water and white vinegar. Vinegar is added to each of the colors, because these are acid dyes and this will help set the color into the wool.
His favourite colors are greens. He has bronze green, brilliant green and bottle (blue) green. I suggest that he chooses another color to coordinate with the green, so he chooses yellow. He applies the dye with an eyedropper, spoon and pouring direct from the jars.

After the wool has been heat processed for about half an hour in a steamer on top of the stove, it is cooled. Then it is rinsed in cool water and hung up to dry. There is some areas of the wool that are still white. I later submerse this bundle of rovings into a blue green dye bath and cook it in the oven for half and hour.

...this story will be continued as we progress in the project.

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Yarn Devil said...

Very cool! Thank you for sharing your walk through!! Looks like some fun wool!