September 18, 2007

The seasons go round and round

time (an emid August) weWe've had arly fall. In We've had an early fall. In harvest time (mid August) we had some rain with hail, that was a refreshing relief from the dry spell. There was some damage to crops. Late August and early September brought light frosts, that touched the pumpkins, beans and basil. And finally, the killing frost came on September 14. It mowed down everything, including pumpkins that were on the verge of maturity and sadly, all the sunflowers that put on a fantastic show this summer! After the frost, the weather has been beautiful.
It's enjoyable putting together a written account of life at NewLand Ranch, revolving around the seasons. I don't really have a very well rounded story of farm life in this blog, but try to focus on the wool projects. It's been a joy to learn new skill in using my sheeps wool and seeing what direction that will take.
Summer and fall were the beginning of my sock wool sales on eBay. If I have items posted, they can be seen at: I am working on putting a storefront "Wooly Wool of the West"on eBay. It will be up and running in October.

Here's some dye projects from late September - skeins on the barnyard gate (just for the photo - I love to get the barn into pictures, its such a dear old building).


abe-hap said...

Hi val found your site through the spinning wheel ring - love the shot of your yarn drying on the fence :) & your great pics of farm life.
will pop back again to see what your up too. seeya.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped by to tell you that the yarn drying on the fence looks beautiful - a real postcard.

charlenewarman said...

Hi Val!
I'm absolutely blown away by your incredible blog site......every photo is picture perfect.....and the wool (plus projects), so colourful! Cousin Laurel told me about this and am so glad she did as I can put it in my "favourites" and keep up with your wonderful life with sheep. I'm so envious!
Take care,
p.s. Saw the pic of Heath...not the same little kid I remember from 1974!