December 20, 2007

Hello Snow and Farewell Turkeys

Heavens, I missed doing a post for the month of November. It really was a busy month as we worked to get as much yardwork,fence & corral repairing, done before the cold weather set in. We had our first snow in early November. It didn't stay too long and we continued to have lovely weather for a few more weeks. In the garden, the Swiss Chard continued to grow. How lovely to eat fresh garden greens until mid November! They were determined plants, and never stopped until the temperature dropped to -18c and remained that way for almost two weeks (into early December). As for the sheep, I began feeding to supplement the dryed up pasture in late October. In November, I moved their portable feeders out to the pasture north of the barn yard. You can see that pasture (in the upper portion of the photo), glowing gold in the late afternoon sunlight . There is a short row of Carragana shrubs (near the center of the field) that make a fine windbreak. However, as the temperatures dropped and the snow began to accumulate, I moved the flock in closer to the yard.

And November wouldn't be complete without a parting shot of the glorious turkeys (taken just days before butchering). It was a sad day to see them go! I did enjoy their unusual dispositions. They learned that I was in the house and if I was late for feeding time, they would fly over the fence and come looking for me! They (the Bronze) were very friendly and gentle, not at all like the commercial white ones. I'll miss seeing them roosting in the willows for the night!
But the turkeys are a reminder of why we have animals. In the end, they are raised as food and we are greatful to have the opportunity to raise them in a healthy and stress-free environment. And in keeping with this time of year, we reflect on our blessings and give thanks for the opportunity of sharing life with the animals and nature around us at NewLand Ranch.

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