January 22, 2008

Snow on ewe and me

It's a snowy, blowy day in Saskatchewan! Everything is covered in fresh snow and snow continues to fall. The temperature is a balmy -4 celcius, so if it gets warmer we'll be able to make snow men or snow sheep!

Here's Cindy standing her ground! She stamped her foot and glared at us but we persisted and managed to move her over to the main herd of sheep for breeding season. She has been with her her late born ewe lamb "Ariel" and the other ewe lambs. Ariel is 5 months old now and no longer needs mama's care.

As you can see, Cindy is a large ewe, over 200 lbs. and has almost a full year of wool on her. When I slide my fingers deep into the fleece, it's about 5 inches long (and very warm down in there). No wonder she looks huge, she is! In fact, she's due for a haircut around the eyes so she can see better. Shearing will come later, probably March, before lambing season.
I'm knitting a shawl. The yarn and needles are large so it's a good way to learn to knit lace. This pattern is the "Salina Shawl" free from http://www.unicornbooks.com/
The yarn is hand spun, from a yarn swap last spring . It's working out perfectly for the shawl! This site hosts yarn swaps and it's a fun way to exchange yarn. You never know what you will get! http://www.desertgardenfarms.com/


abe-hap said...

enough fleece on cindy to line over a 100 Ugg boots id say ;) shes too cute!
where back to our summer weather today, im going to end up with a cold with all this hot & cold weather were having.

abe-hap said...

Val that shawl looks great cant wait to see what yours looks like :)

Deb said...

Cindy is soooooooo cute with all that woolly fleece. She needs it to warm herself from those wickedly cold Saskatchewan winters. Boy, I sure don't miss them. ;)

The link you posted for desertgardenfarms ..... are they located in Sask or another part of Canada?