February 4, 2008

Extreme Winter Weather

We've had some unbelievabley cold weather for a couple weeks. The day this photo was taken, it was daytime high of -26c and -36c that night. The sheep were happy to be eating indoors, because the wind was so severe. Wind is the thing sheep hate the most! With their huge winter coats, they really don't mind the cold. I had to convince the young ewe lambs to come into the shed during a raging blizzard. They had never experienced an extreme winter storm so didn't know what to do. As soon as the wind subsided, they were back outdoors again, even in the -30's.

The shawl "Selina" is finished. The silk yarn was very nice to work with. Lovely spinning Diane L. from Michigan - thank you. It was the largest lace project I have attempted, and I was glad it was with large yarn and needles. It went along quickly!

February has been good days for washing and carding wool. Using wool that was skirted off fleeces, it was an experiment to see if these worst looking, dirty staples could be used for something - perhaps rug yarn. After washing, dyeing and carding the wool is splendid. The photo shows "flick carded" staples laying on top of "drum carded" batts. The next step is spinning, perhaps next week.


Yarn Devil said...

Your Selina shawl looks lovely! Also looks like your wool washed up really nice... beautiful stuff!

abehap said...

lovely bright colours val - cant wait to see it spun :)