March 9, 2008

A Sunny Spring Morning

Spring is here and the air is filled with the sound of chirping little migratory birds! Canada geese flew over today and landed in the pea field to look for food. Lots of squashed gophers on the roads (we are on the upswing of a cyclical infestation of these little varmints) .

All the animals, farm and wild are enjoying the sunny days. Here's a photo of Finnegan enjoying breakfast in the sun. I have been spinning his fleece (from his first clipping last spring).

Here's some photos of the yarn in the pan before the dye and after the dye is applied (the next step not shown is processing in the oven for about 3/4 hour). This is for a yarn exchange with Val from the south coast of Australia. Hope she likes it! Maybe it's going to be knit into a beanie. The colors were inspired by a photo she took of a sunset. To view her great photos visit her blog at


val said...

have you got some secret code on here Val because Im trying to sneak a peak at the pics but i cant see a thing :(

Val said...

Thanks for the reminder about the photos. Dial-up internet was extremely slow yesterday, so I left the photos to upload today. It inadvertently put some intrigue into the swap!

abe-hap said...

*lol* looks great - and your spinning look a lot better than mine too ;)I love that name Finnegan - reminds me of that rhyme " he grew wiskers on his chineegan ;)"

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Hi Val, I just wanted to let you know that I received my Ewe Wave 2 ankle sock pattern with Jelly Bean yarn ;) I just LOVE fact, I immediately cast on just to see how the pattern worked up, and am now almost to the heel turn LOL!

A wonderful product, well packaged and your pattern is super easy to follow ;) The yarn feels great, too. I left my positive feedback at Ebay, but wanted to touch base with you to let you know how extremely satisfied and down right happy I am ;)

From one sheep farmer to another (grin) Cary at Serenity Farms in Michigan, USA.