March 22, 2008

Tale of a travelling sock kit

I'd like to share a link that has a post about one of my sock kits that was purchased by another shepherd that lives in Michigan. The post and photo of the completed socks is written in March 2008 and is entitled "Jelly Beans":
If you're reading this Cary, thanks again for the generous compliments!


Lona said...

Found your blog because I'm a regular reader of Cary's blog. Bookmarked this one, too!

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Well, Val, I just LOVE that sock pattern and yarn ;) Everyone who sees it falls in love with it, too! I think at least at few are planning to buy their own ~ LOL ~

I love to purchase from fellow shepherds/farmers and am so happy that I followed the link to your ebay store from the Sock Yarn Sales list and found another friend in Canada

LOL ~ and that's a lot of "loves" in one comment, isn't it?

Hmmm, and now you are tempting me with new colorways of your yarns, when I have roving here at home to be spun and yarn that I could be dyeing myself...isn't that always the way? Have a great day ~ Cary