April 9, 2008

A package from "Down Under"

A parcel arrived today from Val in Mount Gambier, Australia . We did a handspun yarn swap. But rather than write about this, I'm going to share her lovely note with all of you:

"Dear Val & Family,

I put in a ball of pink handspun romney, blue Border
Merino and your multi-colour Romney. I hope you like the chocolates :) The parrot
on the front of this card is a "Lorikeet". We have them in the garden at the
moment! We are definitely into Autumn now and the rain is starting to come - a
welcome relief for our farmers. It's been great to visit your site and see a
glimpse of life in Canada. Maybe one day I will get to visit that side of the
world. :)

Keep on blogging, and have a great Easter.

Take care, talk to you

Val, Jack, Abe & Happy xxx"

The yarn is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to chosing projects to knit. I loved the chocolates. They never made it very far down the road before they were gobbled up (that is why they are not in the photo). Also included was a baseball cap with official Australian flag, map, and a kangaroo on other side! I love wearing caps, but I'll save this one for my "going to town"cap. No sheepdogs will have a chance to get this one when the wind blows it off my head! Thanks again Val. It was great fun and perhaps we'll do it again. Readers, if you would like to see some of Val's great photography of Australia, go to Abraham & Happy (the limecoast pugs) http://abehap.squarespace.com/ Val's blog.
Note: Australia is heading into their winter season. I hadn't thought of it before, but they also have less hours of sunlight just like Canada. In fact, they are a similar distance from their polar icecap as we are. Fortunately for them, they have milder weather due to the warm ocean currents. We are not that fortunate in Saskatchewan. We are land-locked and at the mercy of the frigid north wind.


abehap said...

So glad it finally arrived Val - hey did ya see the Roo "kangaroo" on the otherside ;) thought youd like a true blue Aussie cap, as most of my friends ask me to send them a "ridgy dige" aussie one;)

I knew those chocolates wouldnt last long ;)

ok well happy knitting and talk soon seeya.

Yarn Devil said...

Hey Val,
Thats a very cool cap! The yarn is very fun too... any idea what your going to make with it? How has your spring(ish) been going so far?

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

hi, I just ran across your blog, hello from Alberta, are you getting the snow storm we are getting right now, we really needed the moisture but snow??We have drifts higher in some places than we did all winter. Love your blog and the beautiful things you have in your ebay store.

Diane T said...

Wonderful yarn, and how amazing that you both are named Val and have so much in common regarding yarn and knitting! I just had to research where abehap lived in Australia, a country I love to visit. The closest I've been to where she lives is Melbourne. Anyway, it was delightful to read about your yarn exchange. MMMmmm, I'll bet those chocolates were good! Cheers, Diane T