May 3, 2008

First Lamb on May Day

Little "Fiona" and mother "Toopy" - first lamb of 2008
Lambing season has started! Born to Miss Toopy is "Fiona", a very large ewe lamb, weighing in at around 9 lbs. The top photo is 24 hours after she was born. You can see that the pasture is just greening up. We had a tiny bit of rain this week, but the grass is very slow (need lots more ran). The next photo is Fiona nursing.

Today a ram lamb has been born to Brownwyn. Little "Charlie" is only a few hours old and hasn't been weighed yet. He looks pretty scruffy! Mom has been trying to clean him up. He actually has alot of brown coloring to his face and legs (not dirt!) If all is well in the morning, they will be put out in the pasture with the others.

The last photo is Brownie. She usually has triplet or quads. I think it's quads, she's huge!


abehap said...

Omy goodness the total cuteness!!! i want one! I cant believe how huge Brownie is - wooweee thats big! I cant wait for the baby lambies to be born around here it wont be long now.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love the pictures of your babies! The goats will be starting to kid out any day here. You wanted to know where I got my dyes, I order them online from Anna Hergert Design and Fibre Arts and you are so in luck as she has just relocated to Sask. She had the Fibre Hut in Calgary for years and we went to Olds College together for three years of the spinning program. I love her dyes as they are strong colors so they go a long way and the price is so reasonable, you can buy them in large containers, I just use the primary's red, blue and yellow and then the turquoise and magenta and mix colors to get other shades. Love them!! Hope this helps you.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Two down, how many more to go Val? We are all finished except for one ewe who is way later than all the rest!

Great pictures and congratulations on good strong lambs so far! Hope the rest are all that way ;)

Cary at Serenity Farms in Michigan

Jody said...

Hi Val, Do you sell raw fleece?
Thanks, Jody

Charlene said...

I saw your comment on Jody's blog, and here it is 10:40pm and I'm up looking at all your wonderful photos. Love your stories about life on a Saskatchewan farm. Do you have Merino/Rambouilett raw fleece left for sale?