June 8, 2008

RAIN and the return of green pastures

June is a month for bottle feeding lambs, gardening, and skirting fleeces. In the beginning, feedings were every 3 hours, then 4 hours. It seems like the kitchen sink is always full of bottles and measuring cups and the counter top is forever sticky with puddles of formula. A few weeks have passed and beginning today feedings will now be 5 hours apart.
The top photo: Famer B and the dogs out in the meadow with ewes and lambs (note the water puddles on the road - very special for this part of the country). The bottom photo: I'm holding "Maeve", one of the bottle fed quads (named of course for the writer Maeve Binchy, whose stories I enjoy). Maeve's mother, brother and sister are just behind us and to the right.

We've had lots of rain! I managed to get the garden planted in between showers. But it has been too muddy to weed all week (but the weeds keep growing, and the veggie seeds are up).The rain also promises a good hay crop and the paddocks will be lush (at least for a while).

There hasn't been much time for spinning or knitting. And I'm behind on the sorting and skirting of fleece too. The lambs and garden take priority for at least another month.


Jody said...

You look so happy with all your sheep Val...how I envy you even tho I know it is alot of hard work! We have been getting an awful heat wave here in Ontario. YUK

Yarn Devil said...

Sounds like your babies are keeping you very busy! Happy for the rain though... everything looks so much greener!

val said...

Hi Val - great to hear youve had rain - weve been inundated with rain this past week looks like its finally winter here now :(