July 12, 2008

Stage 8 Tour de France

Finally took some time to watch la Tour de France. Theres lots of days remaining so if you haven't seen any yet, check it out on a sports channel. There's live coverage of it. This is the first time I've watched any cycling event. Very interesting and more to it than I imagined. I'm glad I'm spinning, it's not near as dangerous or painful. I have developed some aches and pains in my hands but haven't had anything serious like a tip over accident and other spinning wheels falling over me! ; )

Here's the latest skein (this is the "Popsicle" dyed batt in the last post). I learned alot about color from this. The blue and greens blended and became more or less one color and the orange when mixed with bluegreen became very gold looking. Interesting, but not what I was going for. Rather than high contrast, its more mellow than I thought it would be. I also used a smaller ratio and found I was tending to overspin. Learning lots on these little projects!

I took my camera out to the pasture and took lots of sheep and lamb photos. When I got back I found out I didn't have a card in my camera. So hopefully I'll do re-takes today. The lambs are big and the mothers have been gradually weaning them. They are eating grass just like their mothers now. My two bottle-feds get only two bottles a day now (12 hours apart).


abehap said...

Val is this "popsicle" all pyed - it looks good, now i want to see it knitted to see the interesting colour effects ;D

tomorrow I'll get a photo of what ive been spinning, its 2.30am ive just finished the last of the plying and i should be heading to bed ;)

I went to the markets today - I ended up bying Tops not fleece as there wasnt any natural or dyed fleece that i liked - so im thinking of spinning the tops then dying them myself ;D

ok bye 4 now

Val said...

Yes, This yarn is the "Popsicle" singles!

Jody said...

Nice colours Val. Yes please let's see pics of your new fibre...er I mean lambs and sheep ;)

abehap said...

hello Val are you still spinning? come on only a few more days left on the Tour, you can do it!

Jody said...

I would love to see pics of your sheep and new lambs Val. I can't wait to spin up some of my new fleeces from you (as soon as I am finished my alpaca yarns) :) I want to see what will be available for me for next years fleeces!