July 21, 2008

Stage 9 - 15 Tour de Fleece

Things took me away from the computer this week, however my spinning wheel has continued its long journey. I have finally had a chance to begin spinning a lovely batt of brown Corriedale blended with a bit of Pygora from Serenity Farms in Michigan
I did a bit of test spinning and decided on the thickness and twist of the singles. I was aiming for a sock yarn that would be fine but not lace weight. I spun up a 1/4 lb. of the batt. I used the long draw, which worked very well because the fibre was so well prepared (all I had to do to the batt was divide it and pull it into rovings). So soft! If you look closely at the photo, you can see the silver grey is the pygora fibre blended in.

There are 2 skeins of 2 oz. each with a total of 300 yards. I was quite surprised how the yarn bloomed when I washed it to set the twist. It fluffed up and is more of a worsted weight. I think it will make cozy mittens. I've got another 1/4 lb. batt and haven't decided if I will continue or do a different weight. The preparation of this wool and pygora is very nice. For more info on this and other lovely wool, contact Cary at Serenity Farms http://www.serenity-farms.com/ . She also sells fleeces and her sheep are covered so the dark colors don't get faded. Lovely wool Cary, thank you!

My other spinning projects have been assignments from the Master Spinners level one course (Olds College, Alberta). All assignment skeins are 10 yards and spun according to instructions. This weeks was spinning raw fleece in the grease, dip washed, washed and scoured. Samples of staples, in different stages and skeins to match are then mounted and notes document your procedures. Rather tedious but very interesting. I learned lots and learned that I will do some more spinning in the grease and dip-washing. There is way less water used, and in the end when the skeins are washed, the results are good!


abehap said...

love what youve spun!im glad your still spinning - not long till the finish line now :)
i am spinning up more tops - i dont have anymore fleece in the house so tops will have to do :)

i finally got a niddy noddy as a farming friend went to a local wool & sheep show in Bendigo last weekend so now i dont have to use the chair to make my skeins *lol*

~ P ~ said...

Wish I could just touch the Corriedale/Pygora. I bet it's really soft. Good luck on the Master's Spinning Course.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Hi Val, I'm glad you are enjoying the "Fudge Truffle" roving ;) And it looks like you did a beautiful job of spinning it up!

How is your summer going? Its hard to believe that it is nearly the end of July...my pastures are brown, but the sheep are still grubbing away at it!

Take care, Cary