July 11, 2008

Summer Storm & Spinning

There's been some wild storms blowing around in the last few days. We just got rain from this one, but there were reports of funnel clouds and plow winds in other areas around us. It came up so fast. I had been busy and hadn't listen to weather reports that said it was moving in.

Spinning continues. "Dad's Mix" started on 5th got plyed on the 9th (120 yards - 96 grams/3.4 oz.). Again, I used grey Romney for the other singles to ply with it. It is spun using a long draw, which I am finally getting better at. It's made a big change to my spinning and gives such a different yarn than the short forward spinning that I did for the first year.

I've begun spinnning a brightly dyed batt (I'll call "Popsicle"), shown on the bobbin. This will probably make a pair of mittens for one of the grandchildren (who were visiting all week but have now went home). It's so quiet!

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abehap said...

Val that is a wicked photo of the storm! ;)
cant wait to see popsicle plyed - our blog is up and running again - ive just finished fixing it up *lol*