July 21, 2008

Sun Tea Blues

Here's the next spinning project just dyed. It was an amazingly hot and sunny day. I rolled up a batt of wool to fit into a lasagna pan and poured on the dyes. I use Pro Chem, Majic Carpet or sometimes Cushings (all wool dyes from my rug hooking days), all acid dyes that require a small amount of vinegar in the dyebath. I used Blue Violet, Brilliant Blue and Orange.

I wrapped the pan in a black garbage bag and set out for 3 hot sunny hours. A lot of the blue ran off, so the dye bath was not exhausted. It takes a lot of heat to set blue, so I guess it didn't get hot enough. I rinsed till clear so it's quite a bit lighter colors than planned. But I do like it! In my haste to pour the dye on, I poured in the vertical direction rather than the horizontal. I had planned to pull off lengthways for the rovings. So I will have to make another plan for the rovings. Or dye another pan of wool!


abehap said...

oh but isnt it soooo pretty! love it!

abehap said...

just wanted to let you know youve been award a blog award from us.