August 16, 2008

Homework Assignments Continue

Today is the first day in many that tour Internet service has been up to 40 Kbps. It's been so slow all summer (usually 21 - 28 Kbps). If any of you are on dial up you know the frustration of it.

I've have received several nice messages from readers, and I apologize for no replies. I'm bogged down in the Master Spinner homework and with Internet speed going at snail-pace I've been off-line most of the month.

I've had a year to do the homework and thought I was nearly completed, but the research for the essays, and the actual work of assembling the pages of spun skeins and other samples is far more time consuming than I had anticipated.
This photo is one of the samples in the nature-dye section - the plant was to give a yellow dye, but it is very boring beige. Some other nature-dyed samples are above, laying in skeins of lovely Corriedale hand spun, awaiting dyeing and knitting into a final project (Mittens with natural and 4 or 5 nature dyed colors). Photos will follow when I've begun that project. The knitted final project is 50% of the final mark!


limestone coasties said...

glad the sheep are back in the paddock ;)

looks like a lot of work for your master spinners - who are you doing it through - when you get a chance Val can you email me and let me know all about this as im interested to know more about it & what it means at the end of your studies. ie what you can do with this degree/certificate?


Jody said...

Any info you care to share on natural dyeing will be well appreciated Val! I luv to see pics of your sheepies too :)