October 14, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian readers and hope all our American friends had a nice Columbus Day weekend! Thank you friends and family for your kind comments in the last month. Your time and words mean alot to me.

Winter is just around the corner. This thanksgiving weekend we were blessed with a cool,calm autumn day and a house full of family.

After supper we had fun taking photos of new knitting projects. Daughter "K" in white, wears a hat featured in "Canadian Living Jan. 08" with cabling and the multi colored mitts are my final spinning project for level 1. Daughter "A" warms up in fingerless gloves (knitty.com), which also feature cables and are knit from my yearling wether "Starbuck" with 20% mohair. Nice modelling job girls!


Yarn Devil said...

Beautiful Knits! Beautiful Daughters! Glad to hear you had a good thanksgiving!!! We did too.. though driving home Sunday afternoon in the snow... was a little daunting to me, but dh was game and once we got so far it cleared out and was not too bad! (we had our turkey saturday)
Talk to you soon!

limestone coasties said...

hi val - love the knits and its good to see you back in the land of blog ;) - it was fun to see your daughters too.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Great seeing your beautiful daughters and love the hat and mittens, love the fingerless gloves, I am just knitting my second pair in 100% llama

Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out great Mom! It was fun modelling for them! Hope to see you soon.....Aimee

Diane T said...

Hi Val! Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving, and great to meet your two daughters. Your knitting is wonderful as well! Nice to see a bit of what you've been up to. Cheers from your cousin Diane.

Zette said...

Your fingerless gloves look really nice and warm.
Happy spinning and knitting.