November 9, 2008

Change of Seasons -Change of plans

October was a busy month. The first week I attended Level 2 of Master Spinning Program - this level focuses on blending of wool with silk, llama, alpaca and mohair. Also color blending same or different fibres. All skeins must be 2 ply and balanced. There is a year to complete the assignments.

I spent the rest of October outdoors, getting ready for winter. I put up hundreds of feet of snow fence to shelter the yard from wind and to help the snow collect on the pastures.

There was lots of vegetables to bring in: potatoes, carrots, beets and tomatoes. I made Tomato Sauce, Green Tomato Relish, Swiss Chard Relish and am hoping to get Green Tomato Mincemeat prepared before the tomatoes ripen!

One job I had put off doing was covering the sheep's hay and straw bales. There was a long range forecast for snow and rain, so I went out and got the tarp coverings on. I was almost finished the job when I fell off the ladder. My tib and fib are both broken on my left leg! As I laid there, waiting to be found, I was so thankful that my arms and hands were spared. I will be able to knit and crochet for the three months I'll be off my feet. I may be able to spin later, when the leg isn't elevated.

I am so grateful that my husband has offered to take care of all my animals. I've decided that the work must be kept as simple as possible so I've eliminated the winter breeding program. The plan was somewhat complicated : 3 rams, a group of ewes to be penned with each ram, and a separate pen for the spring ewe lambs.

So, plans have changed. There will be no breeding season and no lambs in the spring. The good news is that there will be lots of very lovely wool by March or April and the ewes will appreciate that they are not heavy with lamb when they are shorn!

P.S. I now have a laptop, I'm unable to go upstairs to my computer. Hopefully someone will find my camera in the wool room and I 'll be able to take photos of my knitting projects.


Lona said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry (but glad it wasn't any worse)...

You are wise to adjust your plans for breeding. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Val I see you have been in the wars! Thankgoodness you are going to be ok. I was wondering where you had dissapeared to. Take care and rest up, and knit lots ;)

Yarn Devil said...

Oh boy, what a change of plans!Glad to hear your ok, and husband will look after your sheep for you... too bad no baby's in the spring, but you are right they will probably be thankful to be sheered without being heavy with lambs. (I know being heavy with baby right now I wouldnt want to be rolled around and sheered!)

I sure hope you mend up quick... but enjoy your knitting and crochet time! Would love to see some projects... should the camera be found! I am hopeing once baby is born I may find a few seconds here or there to knit a little.. as my wrists have been so sore I haven't been able to since maybe my 3rd or 4th month. Only a couple more weeks to wait!!

(((gentle hugs))) Get well soon!!!

Jody said...

So sorry to hear about your leg Val. You must keep extremely fit doing all that work around your farm. I am looking forward to see what new wool you will have for sale.

Val said...

Thanks for reading my blog and for your 'GET WELL WISHES'. I look forward to having time to visit all you blogs again in the coming weeks.

Val said...

Thanks for reading my blog and for your 'GET WELL WISHES'. I look forward to having time to visit all you blogs again in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Val. Had a lovely, but short visit with your mom the other day. She filled me in on your
"adventure". This has sure been a
few stressful months for you and
your family! You are all in my
thoughts, we will have to get together one of these days for a
good gab session. Take care!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Val,
So sorry to hear about your accident. Hope your bones mend quickly. Glad that you are able to knit. What would we do without our knitting and spinning?

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Oh dear, Val, I hadn't visited in a while, so am sorry to hear about your accident and glad you are not in worse shape! I fell in the hay mow last year and only twisted my ankle, but remember having that thought of "what if I am really hurt and no one comes to find me?" LOL!

Take care of yourself!