November 29, 2008

Missing My Sheep

"To baa or not to baa - that is the question!?! Here's a photo my friend sent of her little lamb during dress rehearsal for a play that they are going to be in. She said that the lamb didn't mind having the reindeer headgear placed on its head and seemed to love having its' picture taken! Thanks for the cute photo Mary!
As for my own sheep, I haven't seen them up close and personal for 3 weeks. I do miss them (during the day I watch them out in the pasture with binoculars) and call to them from the open door of the house when they come in from the pasture in the evening. They bed down in front of the barn, which is a stones throw from the house (safe from coyotes). Sometimes I can hear "Sweet Heart" (my bottle fed from 3 years ago) call me. I can hear her even when the door is closed. She's saying,"Haaaay, I know you're in there, come out and feed us!" But of course, they just have to be patient and wait their turn, until Farmer Bob gets his cattle fed.
The days are so short now. I think there is about 8-9 hours of daylight. We have a light bulb with an automatic timer in the chicken house, to supplement the lack of light. Chickens need 13-14 hours of light to continue laying eggs during the winter months.
My days of captivity are adding up and there are 3 weeks of healing completed. Most of my time is spent knitting and reading. I finished "The Friday Night Knitting Club". It was a good read, and I see there is a new book out, to continue the story. I've been reading old knitting magazines that I've collected over the years. Some go back into the early '50s and even a few from the '40s. My favourites are from the '60s. Some great old patterns!


Anonymous said...

Val your making me feel sad after reading that :( it must be hard being seperated for so long - big (((HUGS)))

Zette said...

What a sweet little lamb.
Great photo.

Charlene said...

Thanks for commenting on the blog...I hope you're doing better. How much longer to go before you can carry on with daily activities? I'm sure your little lambs would say the same thing...How much longer Maaaaaaaaaaaaa? .. :) I'll never hear another lamp/sheep without thinking of 'Babe'.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Glad you are catching up on you reading. I know you must be getting antsy. Hopefully you will be up and about soon.