November 14, 2008

Mitten Knittin'

So far these days of captivity pass quickly. A friend stopped by with homemade "Carrot & Ginger Soup", knitting books and lots of good visiting from a fellow shepherdess. Thanks for the lovely visit Mary! It cheered me up so much.

Knitting, of course fills the rest of my days. Mitts are a great project to do and finish in a jiffy. Here's the details on them:

Pattern for fingerless gloves -
Yarn - 60%merino, 30% alpaca, 10% mohair from Prairie Fibre Mill (Biggar, Saskatchewan)
Comments - A small project to practice cable knitting. The only thing I changed was to bind- off plain, rather than the picot bind-off in the insructions.

Green mitts pattern - CANADIAN WINTER Mitts in "Book 2 - The Purl Stitch" by Sally Melvin
Yarn - my handspun (75% merino/rambouillet lamb, 15% llama, 10% tussah silk) and a commercial yarn knit together with it ( 41% mohair, 37% viscose, 12% cotton, 10% acrylic)
Comment - These are very thick, warm mitts with a textured rib pattern on the topside. The cuff is long, 3 inches from the rolled edge to wrist-bone. The pattern calls for a bulky yarn or to hold a medium and thin yarn together. I would like to make this for grandkids so will have to adjust the pattern, needles, yarn for a smaller fit. This size fit me perfect.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Val,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I really like those green mittens that you have knitted. I have never knitted mittens and would like to give it a try. I just happen to have that particular knitting book. I'll have to give it a look see and put them on my to do list.
I mailed your fiber and drop spindle on Wednesday. Hope they arrive safely.

Yarn Devil said...

Love your mittens.. they look nice and warm! And by description they are! :) Your fetching fingerless turned out nice too!!

AlpacaLindy said...

Thanks for sharing this pattern- I love it!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

love the fingerless gloves!! I will have to knit a pair, thanks for the link to the pattern and your mitts look so toasty.