November 18, 2008

Sheep Run Away With Blogging Awards

It's time to receive and send out Blogging Awards. Thanks to the "Crazy Lady With Purple Fingers" for so generously giving me a Blogging Award. She should be receiving an award for the amazing volume of work she does, from carding and dying fibres, knitting, gardening, to animal care (including taking in stray pigeons), she does it all!
I in return, would like to pass along awards to some of my favourites also. There is some great blogging and just not enough hours in the day to read it and thank everyone for the amazing writting. And there was many of you that I would like to mention also, but the rules of this Blogging Award, limits me.
I must apologize for not having prizes. The sheep (in photo above) sneeked out of a gate and made off with the lovely awards (wreaths fashioned from alfafa hay, sprigs of wheat and crab apples)! All I found was their footprints in the snow and a fleeting view of their departing behinds! ; )
And the winners are: "With Burning Hot Needles and Hooks" is about life for a Yarn Devil in Saskatchewan and all the crafting and things that go along with it. Without her creative example I don't know if I would have started blogging! "Gypsy Spinner" written by Jody in Ontario, is always informative. Lots of photos and how toos on many fibre topics from fleece washing to finished projects. I'm amazed at the amount of fleeces she washes! "Limestone Coasties - Yarn Adventures and 2 Cheeky Pugs" takes place in southern Australia. Valli always has wonderful photography and lots of spinning projects. Its great to see wool from 'down under". Her knitting projects sometimes take the back seat when she takes us on a road trip to different places (usually wool related) with lots of accompanying photos. And then there's Abraham and Happy - thats something you'll have to check out too! "Farming in the Shade" I always find Lona's blogging to be insiteful and enjoyable reads. Its nice to see photos of the Michigan farm area. She and her family do alot of crafting,knitting and even hand cranked socks from an antique sock machine. Find out about her etsy store at Farming in the Shade. this blog is called "STRIKKETING det handler om fibre, strik og atter strik" I'm sorry I can't give a translation for this (new info:Zette has told me that strikketing is roughly translated to "knitted thing")but I can gather that it is about knitting and the person that handles the fibre and the needles. Zette has a very eclectic blog about knitting and life. Very interesting photos and there is often english translation with her native language. I'm going to say Swedish or Norwegian, but please correct me on this Zette! (New info: I'm incorrect about either country. The language is DANISH. Thanks for the info Zette).
Thank you bloggers for sharing your life and your passions. I look forward to visiting your blogs soon. Now pass the award on!
(1) Only five people are allowed
(2) Four have to be followers of your blog
(3) One has to be someone new to your blog or live in another part of the world
(4) You must link back to whoever gave you the award.


val said...

thanks for giving us the award - love the sheep pic too, although it looks a wee bit cold over there right now...brrrrrrrr.

Jody said...

Thank you Val. I enjoy your blog as well. You are good at spinning, knitting and a great shepherdess too. I am still spinning your wool and I luv it.

Zette said...

Hi Val.
I wish you a merry Christmas.
Sorry, my native tongue is Danish.
Strikketing, means a knitted thing -y, roughly translated.
Thank you so much for the blogaward. I am very honored.
Happy spinning, my friend.

zette said...

I am just glad to help you.
Happy spinning, friend!