November 10, 2008

Socks from Shady Side Farm

A parcel arrived today with socks that I ordered from Lona at Shady Side Farm. The socks are hand cranked from an antique sock knitting machine. Lovely job Lona! The wool feels soft, durable and the toe has very good construction. There will be a lucky guy receiving these soon. Other socks, woven rugs, etc. can be found at

I'm getting used of using crutches but sometimes I get up and go to take a step forward, as if I could just walk out of the room. Thank goodness for knitting. I'm working on 2 pairs of mitts - a big thick pair from hand spun and a soft thin pair. Photos tomorrow. I've figured out how to use my camera with this laptop.


Anonymous said...

popping in to say g'day and keep you company ;)

Yarn Devil said...

Can't wait to see your pics! Love the sockies from Shadyside Farm!

val said...

that was me val - i was logged into my other google acoount when i posted ;)

val - eleanor wigworthy :)