December 29, 2008

Around the World in Black and White

Dear Reader,
Best wishes to you for the coming New Year!
I have no sheep stories today, but here are my to sheep guard dogs, Paloma (left) and Bella (right). They have come to the door to see if I will give them treats. It is hard to tell them apart from farther away, but up close I can tell which is which.
Here is an amusing thing -a pair of black dogs on the other side of the world! Visit Zette to see two black dogs
Knitting: I have two pairs of mittens and the black wool gloves to finish for family coming to visit this weekend. I hope to post a photo of the black 2 needle gloves this week.


Yarn Devil said...

Too fun!!! Doggy Twins... :) Looking forward to seeing your 2 needle gloves!

val abe & happy said...

do Paloma & Bella have labrador in them val?

Val said...

My dog are Great Pyrenees/Maremma. They look more like a maremma, and are small for their breed. And of course, when it comes to dogs that aren't purebred anythings possible as to what bloodlines are in them!

Zette said...

Oh, they are so beatiful, your dogs.
Please say hi to them from Felix and I.
Happy New Year to you.

Jody said...

A very Happy New Year to you and your family Val.

Laney Garry said...

Hello Val! ...I noticed Diane mentioning a 'cousin' on her blog and I was curious which one...and here you are! I didn't know you are 'house bound' with a broken leg & so sorry to hear about that! Love all your photos and knittings...Beautiful dogs! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Charlotte said...

Happy New Year Val,
Enjoyed browsing your blog today. Your dogs are adorable...and so are you!

Anonymous said...

They look like very nice dogs!