January 3, 2009

What's your favorite hat pattern

I know that you readers must all have your own favourite hat pattern - please let me know what it is!
Hats are a new item in my knitting adventures. The pattern that I have tried is Thorpe found at this link free or in Ravelry.
There is an option to crochet around the edge and add braids. I think Farmer Bob likes his "Sans Braids".

Top photo - 2 medium and 1 small.
Farmer Bob is wearing a medium size.

Mitten knittin' has been put away but I have a week left to finish the 2 needle gloves. There isn't a way to take an exciting photo of a glove at this point.

I'm holding the side seam closed with my other hand (I've left it open to do some embroidery on top before I sew it shut).

I don't mind knitting with 4 needles, but somehow this was easier in the fact that you knit one finger flat on two needles, draw it in on top and stitch down the side of it before you go on to the next finger. When you are done the last finger, your seam runs all the way down to the wrist (where I'm at now).


Yarn Devil said...

Love the hat pattern! My most used not nessesarily my fave is the skull cap one. If you want the directions for it let me know! I will gladly share. Love the gloves!!! They look great!!! Will be neat to see it with the embroidery and side sewn up!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

I think I like the double thickness tube hat. Takes a bit longer to make but is extremely warm.

Summer said...

My favorite hat pattern isn't online - it's for the baby hats that they hand out at the hospital to new babies. Surprisingly, they always need size large. :)

Jean said...

I knitted so many hats a couple of years ago and this last year only one or two. Kody May has some wonderful free patterns. Here is the link http://kodymayknits.blogspot.com/
On your previous post you showed your dogs, I am amazed at their hardiness, I always thought short haired dogs would need a coat in the cold. (I live in a warm climate and as you can tell have little knowledge of this).