January 18, 2009

Winter Chores

This winter, I've been unable to do my chores (care for sheep, dogs, cats, turkeys, ducks, chickens and egg collection). All this was added to Farmer Bob's beef cattle operation .
When the snow became too deep for the little 4-wheeler to pull the hay wagon, he acquired a 1972 John Deere Power Toboggan. After some mechanical magic it now runs like a charm - a real work horse! He pulls the sheep hay bales on the sleigh behind the machine.
When the temperature drops and the wind blows, the Rabbit Hat is the headgear that will get you through the inclement weather! And this has been a very cold winter!
Early in January, we sorted sheep - 3 rams with their ewes, in 3 different pens. There will be lambs in June! Last years spring lambs are in the barn yard and I can see them from the kitchen window. It's so much fun to watch them, they are still playful!
Thank you Farmer Bob for taking care of all my animals !

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Lona said...

Hooray for Farmer Bob! Are you healing well?