May 12, 2009

First Black Welsh Lambs

The Black Welsh have started lambing. The first twins, little ewes were born to Southfork Sage, a few days ago. There is a photo of their first day, and then the next photo is when they followed their mother out to join the others in the paddock on their second day.

More twin ewes born today and a little single ewe from a first time mother. At this rate they could all lamb out within a week or two.

As for the other flock, the shearer will be here to shear in early June. That will be cutting it close (pardon the pun), because their lambs are due in June. The Black Welsh were sheared in March and I'm sure they will be well over lambing by the time the other flock start. All in all, the next few months will be very busy!


val said...

you will be very busy indeed! - but it will be great to have so many cute little babies everywhere :)

angella said...

Val, they are totally adorable. and look like a handful of bouncing joy. can only imagine how small they must be... soft & warm & fuzzy :)

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Cute lambs and they are so black, you are busy with all the babies coming. We only have one goat left to kid and we are finished. Had some snow again last night and it was below zero, sure wish it would warm up so things would grow.

Oogie McGuire said...

Cute little lambs. Glad to see they are doing well. We've still got 43 left to lamb.

Karma Veranda said...

OMG! the little black angels! they look like such cuddly additions to your woolly family!