May 17, 2009

More Lamb Photos

They are so soft and huggable.
First ram lambs born to Southfork Madrone have been named Newland Wenlock and Newland Wicklow.
If you look closely you may be able to see their little horn buds.

This little week old ewe lamb looks large but is just close to the camera.
Ram "Mesquite" in background looks a little overwhelmed by all the new additions.


Anonymous said...

they are too cute - they remind me of baby goats with their horn buds :)

Zette said...

So cute.
Isn´t Mother Nature wonderful?
Happy spinning.

angella said...

can one of THOSE fit in a box for trade? heh heh.

more and more, i'm finding myself drawn to that "specialty farm-gal" lifestyle, wonder why? :)

Diane T said...

They couldn't be any cuter!!!

Anonymous said...

I finally managed to get on here to see your updated pictures, they are all really good! Brooke really enjoyed her visit with the lambs, hopefully we will make it back to see some more babies soon!.....Aimee

Laney Garry said...

Delightful photos of life with your sheep (hey, that would make a great blog name!!:) Daughter Katie has caught the knitting bug...check out her creations on her blog.