May 23, 2009

Spinning the Black Welsh

Here is a tweedy looking yarn spun with short white merino/rambouillet lamb. I added little bits of Black Welsh for texture. I like it so I'll make more. This skein has 134 yards. I was thinking of dyeing it magenta pink. What do you think?

And finally, I got some knitting done - a pair of socks for Farmer Bob. These were made as a tube on my antique sock knitting machine. I then added the toes and an "after-thought" heel using Elizabeth Zimmerman's heel instructions. He's very happy with the fit. As for the color, he's never had colorful socks before! A real fashion statement.

Gosh, so busy with lambs that I haven't mentioned the sock knitting machine! Yes, I have considered getting one for several years and finally made a purchase. This one is from Quebec, an "Auto Knitter" circa 1920's. I have been doing stockinette tubes and adding top ribbing/heels/toes by hand. I just haven't had time to learn the finer points of making the whole sock on the machine and using the ribber attachement. More info on this machine later.


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

What is the black welsh like to spin on its own, love the yarn with the black bits in it. I keep thinking of a sock machine too, we have a really old one here that needs a lot of parts, will have to look into whether getting the parts or just a complete machine.

Lona said...

Woo-hoo! Welcome to the world of cranky knitters...

The socks look great!

Zette said...

Nice socks.
The tweedy looking yarn looks very soft.
Happy spinning.

Karma Veranda said...

Hi there, I'm so happy to see the results of your knitting machine and on the farmers feet no less. How wonderful that this antique is now resuming it's role in the woolly world.

Jeanne MacKenzie said...

I'm very impressed!! The knitting machine sounds wonderful and I think most of the new fangled machines make things too easy. I love Farmer Bob's socks! Dave loves the ones I knit for him. I'll have to send you a pic. Thanks for sharing!