June 3, 2009

First Corriedale/Shetland Lambs

Two of the four quads born to "Faith" - #1 a big ewe lamb and #2 small ram lamb.

Quad #4 "Nefret" and #3 her black brother "Night" will be bottle fed babes.
Mom ewe had very little milk and very little patience for four lambs.

I dyed some roving and started my mitten knitting.
I knit on large needles and will see how it fulls (felted knitting).


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Oh My Goodness. What little cuties you have. I wish that I could see them in person.
Your mittens look great.

valli said...

Hiya Val - love the baby lambies - and the mitt colours too - is it warm there now or just pleasent?

thecrazysheeplady said...

Your mittens are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in the mittens!Stunning!....Aimee

Anonymous said...

I saw your cute lambs and wondered what your goals are for the cross. I can thnk of very good reasons for this combination, but wondered what your intentions are.
Please, please keeping posting pictures of them so we can see how they develop. Katherine

Zette said...

Thank you for posting pictures of your cute lambs.
I just adore lambs.

Katie Vaino said...

I just finished knitting up some corriedale and loved it! Seeing those lambs reminds me of my amazing childhood on the farm and watching them being born. If you ever need to trade lives I am up for it:)