July 15, 2009


Prairie Fibre Mill near Biggar, Saskatchewan held its second annual Fibre Art Showcase on July 11, 2009.
Several fibre artists were displaying their work and were set up in the old school house.
There was sheep shearing out in the barn and the mill was a popular place with people lined up for tours.
Here are just a few photos of all the fibre fun.

Dale Kelman makes Locker Hooked rugs, horse blankets and therapeutic chair pads. He works with natural colored wool roving which is pulled through a mesh backing, leaving soft, wooly loops on both sides.

Ron Ogg was weaving a wool scarf with yarns spun at Prairie Fibre Mill. He is working on a four harness loom.

David Spearling-Law working on a needle-felted project.

Wanda Toullelon hand quilting on a frame. This quilt in progress was a paper-pieced technique of flower patterns of her own design.

Holly Hildebrand is a Mixed Media artist who displayed some of her fibre related projects. Many used photo images worked into collages, which were embellished with quilting, ink, fabrics and paint.

And me, Val Fiddler. I had such a fun day. I love showing people how the spinning wheel works, how yarn is made and how to card wool. I met some Ravelry friends in person as well as old & new friends, but unfortunately didn't have time to visit much. My afternoon was complete when I gave a lesson in drop-spindle spinning to a young girl very keen on learning! I also had a piece of Rhubarb Saskatoon Berry pie homemade,by Sheila at the Mill.


Lona said...

What a fun day! Is it cold? Most of you are wearing long sleeves and pants...

Anonymous said...

Hi val great pics looks like a great time, "Rhubarb Saskatoon Berry pie" sounds yummy!

Zette said...

Hi Val.
Hope you are doing fine.
Creativity gets a good work-out here. It´s nice to see.