September 16, 2009

Learning to Weave

Here is the first weaving project. The instuctions for building loom and this first sample project are from the book "Navajo Weaving Way" co-authored by Tiana Bighorse and Noel Bennett (Interweave Press, 1997).

At the top is a willow branch that creates the "stick shed" and another willow branch below creates the "pull shed". Then below that is the curved "batten", that slides into the shed and when turned on edge opens the shed, making room to pass the yarn either left or right. Below the weaving, is a large wooden fork used for packing each row of weft into place. I purchased the fork and batten from Weaving Southwest (Taos, New Mexico). I ordered by phone and their excellent staff had the tools in the mail the next day!
This week with the sheep - The weaned lambs have been enjoying their daily rations of "kibbles" and alfalfa hay. The sheep auction is only 2 days away, and I am trying hard to be critical and practical in choosing who stays and who goes to market. It is always one of the saddest days of the year.


Anonymous said...

i was thinking that the loom must be huge - but now i look at your original pic below i can see the recent photo is enlarged. So what varieties of fibre are you weaving with Val?

Lona said...

Happiness and sadness mix together in life a lot, don't they. The weaving is gorgeous! I'm sorry about the reality of market lambs.

Zette said...

You are very skilled.
Beatiful work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Val - just wanted to say i deleted my blog - im still going to check in on yours though :)