May 24, 2010

Lamb Resuscitator - don't leave home without it

Six days old.

First time mom "Daisy" and her single.

Another first time mom "Sarah" and her ewe lamb "Mary Rose".

Respirator / Aspirator

We're one week into lambing. To all of the contest winners, I must apologize for not getting to the post office. I don't know when, maybe there may be a stolen moment this week. In 7 days there have been 24 lambs born to 14 ewes - a few singles, 3 sets of triplets and several twins. I required vet assistance on a breech birth with triplets but otherwise things have went smoothly.
I find that the lamb resuscitator / aspirator is the most important tool in my bag of equipment. The extraction of mucus seconds after even a difficult delivery makes breathing so much easier. Here's a few lamb photos, as I wait for a bottle of formula to warm up. We've had a few reject lambs, especially with multiple births. But have homes for the little "bummers" to go to. I just don't have time for bottle feeding this season. Must go feed the little one now and do pasture checks.


Lona said...

Whew! Busy, busy! I understand not having the time for bummer lambs. Nice to pass on the responsibility to someone who wants it, eh?

Wind 'n' Woolly said...

So happy to see you are well into lambing. They look lovely, of course. I will email you or call you when I get home. Happy lambing.
the lazy farmer

Gloria Patre said...

Oh does this bring back memories!! I SO miss my sheep in spring time! Every word reminds me of the joy and excitement of lambing season... and the sleepless nights, the triumphs and the (fortunately few) misfortunes...I keep promising myself I'll indulge in them again when my little ones get bigger..... next time it will be only a few, maybe Shetlands... just totally selfish fine fiber sheep...