May 15, 2010

No lambs born yet!

An assortment of Corriedale ewes waddling out to the pasture. Ewe in center is showing a lot of bag (udder). Depending on the individual, this bagging-up can be as early as 2 weeks before lambing commences. Ewe on right is carrying her lambs high, and hasn't bagged-up. She'll be several weeks yet.

Corriedale "Sweet Heart" is a very large black ewe turned silver.
She usually has very large twins.

The Black Welsh ewes vary in size. The yearlings having their first lamb will probably have singles so they are smaller. Most of the older ewes will have twins. The BW ewes weigh 75-100 pounds. Their lambs will weigh 5-8 pounds each. Lamb weight to mothers weight is about 7%. A mother carrying twins could have 12% (plus fluids) of her body weight added!

An adult Corriedale ewes' weight is 200-225 pounds. The average size lamb will be 10-12 pounds. This lamb weight to mothers weigh is 5%. A mother with quads could have 13% or more weigh added to her own (plus fluids)!

Just as a human mother, the unborn lambs ride high and the fullness of the ewe fills up the area next to the backbone giving her a barrel-like shape. Nearer to birthing, the lamb/s drop, and this gives a gaunt, caved in look on either side of the backbone.

So when will the first lamb be born? There have been many guesses. If you haven't entered your guess, there is still time. Check out the details in the previous blog entry. Good luck everyone! And best wishes to all you ewes out there.


Aimee said...

Oh these are great pictures Mom! I feel sorry for all those girls walking aroung with such big bellies! Can't wait to see all the new babes!

Wind 'n' Woolly said...

Oh good grief! It's a wonder those BW can even breath. I wonder if they're having triplets.

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh my that looks like it is painful for them! :) Toby

Gloria Patre said...

Wow these pictures sure bring back memories!! Waaaaaah! I miss my lambies!!!!!