June 11, 2010

Columbia and Corriedale cross lambs

"Mary Rose" on the left, has a Columbia mother. The lambs to her right have Corriedale mothers.
All have the same Corriedale sire "Crowhill 42U" (Mr. Pajama Bottoms).
Another photo of "Mary Rose" for her Buba (grandma in Ukrainian).
I can't believe that 3 weeks have past and lambing is winding down. There are 3 Corriedale ewes and 2 Black Welsh ewes left to lamb. Today, the bottle fed lambs went with Mary to their new home in Eastend. I know they will have a nice life there, but I was a little sad to see them go. I washed up the bottles and nipples for the last time and realized that as busy as it was feeding them every 3 or 4 hours, it had also been gratifying to see them grow and flourish under my care. Good bye to David, Emkin, Bridget, Black Heart and #35A.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

They are adorable.

Laughingrat said...

They're so adorable, and their color is lovely.