August 20, 2010

New Lambs and Cashmere Goats

Dear Readers,
It's been weeks since I've been able to upload photos. So before I get farther behind, here's a few highlights of July 2010.
  • I completed my level 2 spinning assignments, just before I packed to go to Fibre Week..
  • I went to Olds College in Alberta and took level 3 of the Master Spinner program. It was a wonderful experience. I do hope that if you love fiber you will have a chance to go someday.
  • The day after getting home, my favorite Corriedale ewe had twins I named "Chuck and Michele". Their mother "Cindy Crawford" didn't have enough milk for both, so bottle feeding started. It soon became evident that Michele prefered mom and Chuck prefered the bottle.
  • That same day the Pekin duck hatched out 6 lovely yellow ducklings.
  • Two days later, my friend arrived from BC. That's when the fun started. I did touristy things for a whole month with her.  She had never experienced farm life before. We had a marvelous visit.
  • During that time, the Muscovy duck hatched out 5 little ducklings.
  • At the end of July, I drove several hours north to pick up 3 lovely little cashmere kids. They are 5 month old wethers. Their names are Kego, Attacus and Mori.
I sure hope I can get the problem with uploading photos solved. Then I will show you some of the sweet babies that I have been caring for.
I hope you all have had fine weather and some special moments of joy this summer!

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All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

Would love to see your photos when you can upload. What a busy time! Do you just raise enough ducks for your own use? Or do you also sell?