September 28, 2010

Black Welsh with Goats

After the goats quarantine was over, they were put in with the Black Welsh ram lambs.
They get along well and their fencing, feed and mineral needs are similar.

The last bouquet of sunflowers picked on the night
of the killing frost Sept. 18

The Muscovy ducklings are very close to their mothers size.
She's in the background, ever watchful for predaters.


Yarn Devil said...

I love your flower bouquet!

Walden said...

The goats are lovely.

Val said...

Loving those Ducks and Goats! too cute!

Jody said...

Hi Val,
I can really see the cashmere undercoat on your goats!
Do you keep the Muscovies for bug control?

All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

Lovely post. I was in Calgary last week and, driving through a neighbourhood, I saw a cute little petting zoo with black sheep on someone's lawn, for their little one's birthday party! Have you thought about carting your sheep into the city to do 'birthday party petting zoos'! What a hassle but....

Love those muscovy ducks and will be dealing with you to buy a few. Perhaps we could trade some cooking classes? tee hee

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Great pictures, Val. I had missed your Sept 4 post...Great dyeing with your Dahlias.