September 2, 2010


Shy ATTACUS is finally warming up to the camera.

KEGO tries out a delicacy - CanadaThistle!

Like most goats MORI loves to climb and the old post pile is ideal.

The winner of the name descriptions is Gypsy Spinner  - Congratulations Jody! I'll be sending you an issue of Wild Fibers which has a great article on Cashmere goats and some other goodies. And because everyone did their homework and the answers were so good, I drew for two runners up, who are Eternal Arts & Crafts and Chronicles of a Lazy Knitter Congratulations to you both!

Thanks to everyone who commented and participated! And know here is the "text book answers" that Master Spinners Level 3 has in its material:
MORI: Cultivated silk is from the Bombyx Mori moth, and represents 90% of the silk on the market. Sometimes called Mulberry silk because the larvae feed exclusively on the leaves of Mulberry trees. 
KEGO: The Bombyx Mori hatchlings are called kego in Japanese, which translates into "hairy babies". Over the next 30 days they will eat 24 hours a day. When fully grown they spin their cocoons.
ATTACUS:  Attacus is a genus classification of several types of wild silk moths. Example: Attacus Ricini is from India and Nepal and eats the Castor Oil plant. Attacus Cynthia from China eats Chinese Sumach. Attucuss Walkeri is raised in North America and is not a finicky eater. It consumes Chinese Sumach, Wild Cherry, Sycamore, Lilac and other tree leaves.


Jody said...

Thank you Val!
You have all the colours covered with those new goaties. Beautiful cashmere..yum.
I luv that Wild Fibers magazine!

Walden said...

Thank you! Congrats to Gypsy Spinner and Chronicles of a Lazy Knitter!

All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

They are so adorable! I will have to make a visit to your farm. Congrats to the winners.