September 4, 2010

Dye with Dahlias

I picked the scarlet colored Dahlia blossoms, just past their prime and gently boiled for 1 hour.

After straining blossoms from dye bath, the skeins were simmered for 1 hour.
The colors exceded my expectations! Starting at top:

  •  Gold skeins - No Mordant, Ammonia Afterdip. After coming out of the dye a pale gold, they turned darker and brighter immediately after being in dip for seconds, and didn't fade when wash/rinsed.
  • Orange - Alum/Cream of Tartar Mordant, Ammonia afterdip. Ammonia brightened and lighted the orange.
  • Natural - the yarn before dyeing
  • Dark Orange - Alum/Cream of Tartar Mordant, no afterdip. Marvellous!
  • Pale Gold - No Mordant, No afterdip. A lovely subtle color.
  • Variegated orange/gold - Alum/Cream of Tartar Mordant, Vinegar afterdip. This was the most shocking as it was vivid orange, but the color disappeared immediately when put into the vinegar. 


Walden said...

Very lovely! Natural dyeing is something I keep meaning to try.

Lona said...

All from scarlet dahlias? An incredible lesson in the differences that mordant (and dip, which I've never heard of doing) can make!


All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

My first love, before cooking, was textiles. I was into natural dyes and weaving with wool. What a great experiment. Perhaps I should get back into this?

Jody said...

My Gosh those are amazing colours...they are just beautiful Val. I always luv the look of natural dyeing but have only tried Goldenrod (which is everywhere right now). So much work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors! I've been saving my dahlias dry petals. I will give it a try soon.

Anonymous said...

These are great Val - may have to get my dye pots out this summer and try some natural dyeing too!