November 14, 2010

BFL, Thrums and Dollybird Workshop

A pair of slippers for Farmer Bob - each white stitch is a lock of washed wool approx. 5" in length (folded in half). I've turned over the edge so you can see how the wool is piling up inside. As they are worn, the thrums will pack and felt.
This is Basil Ranfurly, our new Blue Faced Leicester Ram. Are your fingers twitching to touch the wool?  I'm sure his lambs will be gorgeous. We'll have to wait until May to see!


This was a fun hat to make. It can be made to fit as a loose slouchy hat, a tam or a skullcap.

I made this one with handspun yarn from my black Corriedale "Sweet Heart" and alternated every couple rows with Noro Silk Garden sock yarn.

It fits a one year old head. To bad I didn't get a photo of the cute baby who modelled it (had to use my old doll instead).

This original pattern is a design by Kourtney at Dollybird Workshop 

When Kourtney heard that I was going to make stipes, she suggested making the brim in corrugated ribbing. Great idea! The edge is i-cord bind-off. Oh, I forgot to mention ... this is a free pattern too. Thanks Kourtney!


Yarn Devil said...

Great hat!! Love love love those slippers!!!! Can't wait to see them done!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Nice to hear from you, the slippers are going to be nice and warm, I make a lot of thrum boots. The fleece is beautiful on your ram, I can see where you would be impatient to work with it......might there be a little snip...snipping in places for sampling?? Your little hat is beautiful, love the color between the black. We are busy with Christmas markets right now. am looking forward to Jan. when it slows down to sample a few new patterns. Never enough time!!

Jody said...

Basil is lovely and what a great name. You certainly have a diverse flock! Thrummed slippers? Haven't heard of that one yet. My knit group is all into making thrummed mittens right now so I will tell them about the slippers. Do you have a pattern Val?

All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

What a beautiful sheep! Will be waiting for those lambs! The slippers are amazing. I like the idea of the felting on the inside. Ingenious.

Aimee said...

The new Ram is very handsome! His wool looks so much different than the other sheep, how cool! Can't wait to see what his babies are like in the spring :)