March 5, 2011

Spring must be here, it's shearing time

This is a tiny cotton plant that sprouted from a seed, not even a week old. The seeds are from Joan Ruane who grows and spins cotton. Visit her at I'm in the midst of level 3 Master Spinner which means assignments are based around Cotton (along with blends of cotton, silk and wool)

I've been working on these socks on and off for several months. I'm knitting two at a time on 2 circulars. The pattern is 'Waving Lace Socks' by Evelyn A. Clark and can be found in the book 'Favorite Socks' (Interweave Press 2006)

This shawl was just started last week and will knit up quickly. The yarn is 80% alpaca/20% merino (prepared at Custom Woolen Mill in Alberta). The pattern is "Domovoi Shawl" by Cherl Oberle in her book 'Folk Shawls'(Interweave Press 2000). It will be rectangular with a knitted on lace edging. Hope to have it done for Mothers Day!
Well, the above photos of course are just a smidge of what I've been busy with. I've had little time for blogging this winter (and the dial-up speed of 21 - 38 Kbps isn't conducive to browsing) . I've been in a contemplative frame of mind and feel that I've said it all and now must get on with the work at hand.  Think winter and cabin fever are setting in ?

We've gotten word today that the shearer will be in our area next week. So with that in mind, we'll get the barn/shearing shed prepared for the big day and round up some helpers. I do hope the weather improves. It's always such a shock for the sheep to be stripped of there wooly winter coats.


Yarn Devil said...

Your socks are coming along beautifully!!! The shawl sure is working up fast! LOL I like it too!! ooh and how that little cotton plant makes me think of spring!! I sure hope the weather warms up for the sheep getting sheered... poor critters must be horrible cold without it when the temperatures dip!

All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

Let me know when the shearer will be there. Perhaps I can come and watch! I am getting a lot of subbing these days though.

Aimee said...

I sure hope it warms up too Mom! I can't imagine those poor sheep without their wooly coats in this cold weather! let me know which day you will be shearing, hopefully it's on a day when we can come help!

Val at Newland Ranch said...

Thank you for your comments and offers to help. Shearing day came up suddenly! We had our work crew ready to come on short notice.
A stormy day, and a very cold night, but all the sheep were inside over night with food and water. It was rather festive, like a camp out. The only thing they didn't have was a bonfire and marshmallows!