July 31, 2011

Huck-Lace Scarf

The finished scarf 11" x 75"

Thanks you readers for your kind comments. For those who would like more info -
My Corriedale wool yarn is 2 ply sock weight Mule Spun, processed at Custom Woolen Mill, Carstairs Alberta. The project is from Handwoven magazine (Interweave Press - May/June 2009) and is called "Light and Lacy" Huck-Lace Scarf.  It was woven very loosely (8 EPI) with barely any pressure on the beat and as you can see in the photo in yesterdays post, it was holey. Once off the loom, I twisted and knotted the warp fringe.  I washed the scarf vigorously to full it and laid it flat to dry. I knew my yarn would bloom and fill in the gaps and be fluffy, not tight or stiff. The pattern, barely visible before washing, is greatly enhanced when allowed to full (felt). It is light, soft, and airy with a nice drape.
The table loom (circa 60's) made by Wool House - Armstrong, BC. It's a 4 shaft loom with adjustable reed, deep shed and heavy wood construction. The reed width is 23", with soft heddles. (viewed from back).


Susan said...

So beautiful!

Sarah said...

Beautiful. I passed on your info re wool to a weaver I just visited with on Vancouver Island. She does beautiful work, also.