September 27, 2011

The pasture in August

Petunia with her Corriedale ram lamb are alert for anything out of the usual. Coyotes have been in and around the pasture all summer. Thankfully they are hunting gophers and not lambs.

The mid August pasture with second-growth alfalfa. This is the day the sheep were moved on to it.

 As I look back on some photos I am shocked at how green the pasture was only a month ago. There is not much left now, after a month of high temperatures. I'll try to post a photo of the pasture in the next day or so as a comparison.

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Jody said...

You are lucky with no losses to your sheep from coyotes Val.
Hubbert Farms lost a lamb back in June and our dear Abby (GotlandX ewe who gave us 4 lambs this year). I still feel upset thinking about it.